Watch Tobias Sherman explain the evolution of esports into “New Sports”

Tobias Sherman interview, esports

Industry visionary Tobias Sherman, co-creator of ELEAGUE on TBS and CEO of Foundry IV, recently stated in an open letter to the community that it was time to evolve the esports moniker to a new, all-encompassing terminology–“New Sports.”

To find out more about why Sherman adopted this controversial phraseology Christian Bishop, CEO of Thunder Gaming, interviewed the esports executive on his thinking and reasoning behind the move. It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss, as Tobias has a history of placing smart bets and predicting the future ways we consume, participate in, and label our entertainment.  

Esports is progressing as a mass market phenomenon and now it’s time to focus on what is best for the industry. As Sherman says in the interview, “It’s not about the name change, it’s more about sustainability for the entire ecosystem.”


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