Games SIG Classic Games Competition

This Fall, teams of all ages from around the world will compete virtually and in person to design “classic” -style video games in three categories. Winners will lay claim to virtual trophies and get great prizes, not to mention bragging rights. A GameSIG award is an excellent addition to any resume.

Judges for the event will include original members of the Blue Sky Rangers – the first-generation video game programmers who created games for the Intellivision.

Categories will include:

Classic Intellivision Games – designed to run on an Intellivision hardware emulator and capable of running in a physical cartridge on an actual console using Intellivision hand controllers

Lookalike Intellivision Games – designed to operate within the same color, visual and audio constraints as the original games, but written using modern tools such as Unity (detailed technical specifications will be provided)

Intellivision Reboots – games inspired by the elegant and engaging gameplay of an original Intellivision title, but suing all of the tools and techniques available in a modern video game.